Head Master: Rudolph Ponali Kahokuokalani Tuiolosega

10th Degree Black Belt


Rudolph Ponali K. Tuiolosega, son of Tu’umamao Tino Tuiolosega, and Claire “Puanani” Tuiolosega was born in Queens’ Hospital on the island of Oahu, Hawaii on December 15, 1956. He along with his 2 brothers and sister were taken to American Samoa to be raised by his grandparents as the culture dictated, and later was reunited with his father and mother in California. His father began his training in Limalama® along with his brothers and sisters, but Rudy became so absorbed in learning the art, that he excelled rapidly. Before long he began teaching daily at his father’s academy in Westminster, Ca. working and training closely with his father’s senior instructors, George Molifua, and Futi Semano. Rudy developed into an effective and respected competitor early on and participated in the tournament circuit sometimes competing in two tournaments the same day, winning numerous competitions, worldwide. In 1975, he married a beautiful young lady, Norma R. Crow and they moved to Escanaba, Michigan where Rudy opened the first series of Limalama® schools working with the Cartwright family. In 1977, he moved to the South, and he and his wife started their family. His proudest moments are the births of his three children, Josh, Lani and his youngest Jeremy. In 1978, he joined the U.S. Army and served 5 years in Germany on border operations. While in the military, he continued teaching Limalama®.
 Senior Master Rudy Tuiolosega has over 30 years of experience in self defense both as a competitor and instructor. He has traveled extensively with his father, Grandmaster Tu’umamao Tino Tuiolosega and currently holds the highest ranking position in Limalama®, confirmed by his father in Las Vegas, June, 2004 at Jeff Speakman’s Annual International Instructor Training Camp where black belt practitioners from around the world were present to witness this historic event.
 He is responsible for overseeing the quality of the Limalama® program and presides over black belt Limalama promotions in the U.S., Mexico, So.and Central America, and Europe. He has done numerous seminars specializing in combative arms and weapons as well as specialized self defense training of police officers, special law enforcement teams, anti terrorist groups, security guards and body guards. He has assisted in developing awareness programs for community organizations. His workshops focus on a person’s ability to identify potentially harmful situations and environments, as well as learning the process of utilizing the most effective motions and movements where body and mind work as one. People that have participated in his seminars come away excited and exhilarated because his passion and love for Limalama® and the Samoan culture is contagious and he makes them feel what Limalama® truly is and how it can change a person’s view of self defense forever.
SM Rudy introduces practitioners of Limalama® to various real life situations; uncontrollable situations that depend on quickness of mind and body, involving combinations of hand and foot coordination based on motions and movements to render an opponent helpless even before a strike has been initiated. In a real life situation there isn’t time to set up or warm up or simply step through hard style blocks and strikes seconds apart in anticipation of the strike that follows the last routinely.
 SM Rudy says that Limalama® is a street smart contemporary form of self defense engineered for effective instantaneous control over a life threatening situation. Most systems available are designed primarily as a sport and competition guidelines are usually the outline of the program limiting your strikes to non vital areas and concentrating more on contact points such as in tournament matches. These systems are all fine for the individual interested in broadening their knowledge in the martial arts and good exercise but the typical surprise attack requires lightening reflexes and thorough knowledge of vital areas and how they can best be targeted for effective defense.
​ SM Rudy has a deep love for his Samoan culture which is reflected in his teaching and believes it will enrich the lives of those who study Limalama®. His philosophy in teaching self defense is, “What can I do to benefit you.”

Fa'a Samoa Muamua Le Atua

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