Mrs. Adele Tuiolosega

Vice President | Limalama® Historian

Prior to meeting her husband, Tu'umamao "Tino" Tuiolosega, Founder and Grand Master of the martial art system, Limalama®, in the late 60's and 70's, she did secretarial and administrative work for UCSC, and attended Cabrillo College. After 6 years, she quit her UCSC position to become a journalistic photographer for a major record outlet, Odyssey Records, photographing events with Luciano Pavarotti, Isaac Stern, Monterrat Caballe, Jose Carreras, Bill Graham, and Eddie Money, and was published in Billboard Magazine and Record World.

On April 10, 1981, or as Adele says "the happiest day of my life," her son, Joseph C. Tuiolosega was born and she and Tino moved back to Santa Cruz, California but continued to travel for the art and after Tino's health began fail, they moved to Mexico City for 2 years. Adele has traveled extensively with her husband and she has seen how the system has grown and evolved over the years. Since 2004, when Tino promoted his son, Rudy Tuiolosega, to head the Limalama® system worldwide, she and her husband and son, Joseph, continued to travel with him on behalf of Limalama®.

Adele loves languages and is fluent in Spanish and Italian. She knows most of the instructors and their families on a first name basis and maintains records of all the schools worldwide that are part of the Limalama® system and is able to follow their lineage - so who better than she can oversee the role of Historian. It is her passion and responsibility to work closely with the company team to ensure that Limalama® maintains the high standards set by her husband and now headed by his son, Senor Master Rudy Tuiolosega, 10th degree, Malamalama. She is confident, Senior Master Rudy and the family of instructors and students that support him, will build a strong future for Limalama® as he takes it to a whole new level and generation of martial artists.

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