The Founder structured the different levels similar to academic achievements. He felt that individuals who studied and pursued this program were equivalent to those who pursued a College degree and therefore, should receive the same level of recognition for their achievements.

The following is a breakdown of the specific belts in the system:

(Lower Division)
BELT                                 TITLE                                   DEGREE
White                                Kaimua                               Orientation
Orange                                Moli                                    Primary
Purple                                  Lua                                  Elementary
Blue                                  Moana                                Intermediate
Green                                Ulakui                       Graduated Intermediate

Please Note: Some schools offer a Yellow Belt level but this is not a part of the Original LimaLama® system.

(Upper Division)
BELT                                                          TITLE                                  DEGREE
Brown                                                    Imualama                              Graduated
1st Degree Brown                                Lamaka’i                      Associate Secondary
2nd Degree Brown                               Lamalua                               Secondary
3rd Degree Brown                               Lamakolu                     Graduated Secondary

BELT                                                          TITLE                                              DEGREE
Black                                                      Limaimua                                  Associate Instructor
1st Degree Black                                  Limamua                            Associate Bachelor of Arts
2nd Degree Black                                  Limalua                                      Bachelor of Arts
3rd Degree Black                                  Alolama                                    Bachelor of Letters
4th Degree Black                                  Lamakele                              Associate Master of Arts
5th Degree Black                                  Malama                                        Master of Arts
6th Degree Black                               Malamamua                                  Master of Letters
7th Degree Black                               Malamalua                             Associate Doctorate of Arts
8th Degree Black                               Malamamai                                  Doctorate of Arts
9th Degree Black                               Malamakoa                          Associate Doctorate of Letters
10th Degree Black                            Malamalama                                Doctorate of Letters

Tu'umamao "Tino" Tuiolosega
Founder & Grand Master of LIMALAMA®
(there are no co-founders)
Note: It is a title of honor and respect bestowed upon the creator and founder of our system, Tu’umamao “Tino” Tuiolosega. It is also in recognition of his outstanding achievements and contribution to the Martial Arts.
Out of respect for the Founder, the title Grand Master will never be passed to another individual in the art and the highest level that can be obtained is that of Senior Master, black belt, 10th degree which is currently held by Rudy K. Tuiolosega, who currently oversees the programs that are taught worldwide. SM Rudy was promoted to 10th degree by his father in 2004 in Las Vegas during a special annual event.



The color white symbolically represents the innocence and purity of Heart. It represents the novice state of being; both mental and physical. The state of being is not deliberate. It is the most beautiful and loyal state of attachment. It feeds on trust and hope. It is the state of pure faith.
The color Orange symbolizes one of the most important qualities of the “Hand of Wisdom” concept. It represents common sense understanding – to know, to be informed, to be aware and to be mindful of others.
Purple & Blue
These colors symbolically represent Limalama®’s serene attitude of patience, humility and tolerance. The purples of the sky with the deep blue of an ocean convey the feeling of sereneness in its entire splendor. These colors represent our Art’s teaching of those qualities that makeup an individual’s personality. The attitude of humbleness; long suffering and patience. The attitude of tolerance; being able to tolerate those who are impatient, rude, egotistical, and self-centered.
The color Green conveys a feeling of vastness; the openness of green fields everywhere, the gentle breeze of the mountains, valleys and rivers, echoing the sweet sound of freedom in melodious music. This wonderful color symbolically represents our teaching of broadmindedness. It represents the ability to deal in concepts that are alien to one’s principles on their own merits.
Brown represents soil; illustrating clothing has been soiled due to diligent hard work, and or hard at play. This represents certain ideals of Limalama®, in that, in order to be informed, one must study hard and develop good working habits. Secondly, one must play the game to the best of one’s ability through consistency to compete relentlessly against one’s own better self. This attitude is an ideal perception of this style to note that the students and practitioners alike are at an understanding that in order to be fully prepared for any responsibility, one must be very informed and be aware of one’s own potentials; both mentally and physically.
Black is one of the most important colors of this sequence; that is because it represents purity in the highest regard of morality. Black symbolically stands for “blindness in a Godly sense”. It means (a) blind to see evil, (b) deaf to hear evil; and (c) mute to speak evil. In other words, when we are blessed with this magnificent attitude, we become blind to evil despite the many faults of any individual, we can’t see evil in our fellowmen, and we can only see the good. More so, we are deaf to gossip and negative conversation. It is better to look for only the good in an individual. In other words, when someone is tempted to say something indifferent, bad or evil about someone, don’t say anything at all. To reach this level of purity, one must be well prepared, informed and be fully aware of the risks and losses, just as well as the advantages and gains. This is the symbolic concept appertaining to the same color of robes worn by clergymen and monks.
Red represents the life sustaining element that keeps men/women alive, (Blood). It symbolically represents our teaching of living a good healthy life; by taking good care of ourselves, in every way possible to live a happy full life.
Gold represents Almighty God, as the all-knowing, all-powerful, all-glory, all-loving. It represents divine manifestation of the Lord's glory from all corners of the entire world; and also his majestic splendor throughout the universe. It symbolically represents the brilliancy of the universe, and Limalama®’s belief in the fullness and wholesomeness of life. It encourages creativity and research for the best results to enhance the valued ideals and concepts of constructive living among mankind. It encourages Limalama®’s concept of giving, serving, in the spirit of saving and maintaining life; it is within its power to do just that.
Written by GM Tu'umamao "Tino" Tuiolosega/Founder/Limalama® Art of Self Defense & edited by Adele M. Tuiolosega